Alejandra is on her way (right now!) to her dream school, UC Davis!  There she hopes to study animal science and become a veterinarian.  She has wished for this (and worked hard for it) for her whole life.  Alejandra is part of the first generation in her family to go to college. They are so proud, her entire family is driving up with her.  There will be five people in the car, so I'm still wondering where her luggage and bike will go.  (Or perhaps they're not on the road, but still in the driveway, repacking the car for the 13th time!) 

UC Davis has one of the premier Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine programs in this country, so this truly is a huge step on her path to becoming a vet.  Alejandra was able to wow the UC Davis admissions office with her grades and determination, transferring from Santa Monica College to one of the best vet programs in the nation!  Alejandra has always dreamed of becoming a vet.  Alejandra is on the path to living her dream.  Go Alejandra!! 

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